Features is a nicely designed and developed plugin kit developed using Flutter.

There are many plugins available on and many other sources. But we find the best plugins for individual tasks and add real life examples of these plugins into features project.

This project contains many first party and third party plugins with some setup requirements. If you only need UI Kit then you skip those steps, so we separate this project from UI Kit.

Includes (With Examples)

Flutter Official Plugins
  • Firebase Authentication (Email & Password)
  • Image Picker
  • Google Signing
  • Quick Actions (Create shortcuts)
  • URL Launcher
  • Webview (Developers Preview)
Third Party Plugins
  • Admob
  • Loading Effect (Shimmer)
  • Image Cropper
  • Razorpay Payment
  • Rive (Flare) Animation

Folder Structure

Let's take a deep dive to how the files and folders are arranged in the app.

├── docs                        <------ Documentation
└── FlutKit
│   ├── ....
└── Features
│   ├── android
│   ├── ios
│   ├── assets
│   ├── lib
│   │   └── features       <------ Contains all features used in the app
│   │   └── main.dart
│   ├── pubspec.yaml            <------ Contains dependencies used in the app